Craft Pimp Blog Ring week 1

April 17, 2011 silvergems89

I’m a member on a new web forum called Craft Pimp which has been created as somewhere members can showcase their work and talents and also meet other crafters to share ideas, network and generally chit chat! It was decided we would start a blog ring to further showcase the talents of the members, and for the first post of this blog ring i would like to introduce you to Nicola of Smitten Kitten.

Nicola describes herself as a keen crafter and devoted hobbyist who is passionate about making clean cut simple stylish jewellery. And i would have to say i think she does exactly that!

This dragonfly pendant is one of my favourite of her pieces, it’s so simple and elegant and the colours are just matched perfectly!

♥ Fiery Dragonfly ♥ Sterling Necklace ♥

This pendant is another of my favourites, it’s so gentle and feminine, which is not really my usual style but this piece really appeals to me!

♥ Angels & Clouds ♥ Sterling Necklace ♥

Nicola’s talent doesn’t stop with jewellery though, she also made these fun and funky ribbon brooches!

The Urge ... to make brooches

You can find more of Nicola’s work on her website Smitten Kitten, her Flickr photostream and also on her Blog.

Join me next week when i will visit the wonderful crafting world of another Craft Pimp member 😀




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