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Craft Pimp Blog Ring Week 5

This week it is my great pleasure to introduce you to the wonderful Jolene of Kitzbitz Art Glass!

Jolene not only makes beautiful lampwork beads and supplies she also makes fabulous polymer clay beads! And as if that wasn’t time consuming enough she’s also the big chief boss lady at CraftPimp! (she’s also one of the nicest people you could possibly ever wish to meet ;))

I’ll stop waffling now and show you some eye candy 😀

Pretty Poi and little sis

I’ve been a fan of Jolene’s lampwork ever since  i started lampworking myself but when i think of her beads these are always the first ones that come to mind and are absolutely my favourite!


The same applies to these polymer clay beads, they’re so vibrant and fun!

And to round it all off a wonderfully artful shot of some of Jolene’s absolutely perfect lampwork twistie canes! I wish mine were all that neat and straight!

I think i have only just scraped the surface of Jolene’s talent so please go find out more about her and her work on her Blog, WebsiteFacebook page, Twitter and Flickr photostream. You can find Jolene’s beads for sale on her Etsy shop and her lampworking supplies are available here.

I’m sad to say I only have one more craft pimp member to introduce you to before this blog ring ends but i have certainly enjoyed taking part and hopefully i will have the chance to take part in another in the future!

I might actually blog about what i have been up to soon 😛




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Craft Pimp Blog Ring Week 4

I know you’re all probably thinking, “what happened to week 3?” well week 3 was my turn and i would like to say thank you to all those who wrote such lovely things about little ‘ole me 😀

So let’s get  on with the show shall we? This week its the turn of Hazel Brend of HazelB Handweaver!

Hazel hand weaves some of the most beautiful scarves and shawls i have ever seen! I have no idea about the process’ of weaving which i think makes them even more amazing because i can’t even imagine how it might be done!

I’m going to stop rambling and show you some of these amazing scarves because they really speak for themselves (and much better than i could ever say!).

I can just imagine someone wearing this gorgeous silk shawl to the theatre over a little black dress!

I think this one is most likely my favourite ( i say that because its really hard to choose just one out of all the beauties!) but this one stands out to me most because pink is my favourite colour and the textures in this scarf just make me want to stroke it!

16 shaft loom

And finally a picture of one of Hazel’s looms, looks all very complicated to me!

You can read more about Hazel on her Blog, and find more of her work on her website, Flickr and Etsy shop.

I hope you are all enjoying meeting these lovely members of the CraftPimp forum because i certainly am enjoying writing about them!

As always i hope you will join me again next week when i will be having a peek into the world of another craft pimp member!



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